Welcome to AV8 TV! This is a new section of the website which we hope to be adding to over the coming months. We aim to bring you some appealing footage from events around the world. We can't promise slick camera work or well groomed presenters, but hopefully the movies will make an interesting addition to the magazine. If you have any movies you would like to send in, please send them to: info@av8magazine.com

Shuttle Launch Filmed from Aircraft

The launch of STS-132 Atlantis shot from the air overhead Daytona Beach International at 3500 ft - over 40 miles from the launch. This is the cloest that GA aircraft are allowed to fly after 9/11 when a TFR was introduced for each shuttle launch. The sight in real life was a more awesome sight than the video can capture.

STS-132 Commander Talks to Media at KSC

STS-132 Atlantis Commander Ken Ham addresses waiting reporters after the crew's arrival at KSC on 10 May 2010 ready for the last planned flight of the space shuttle Atlantis.

STS-132 Crew Arrival at KSC 10 May 2010 for Last Launch of Atlantis

The crew of STS-132 Atlantis jet in to the Shuttle Landing Facility on 10 May 2010 for the last planned flight of the space shuttle Atlantis. The flight of four T-38 Talon jets arrived overhead the Shuttle Landing Facility at KSC in a diamond formation. Lead and #2 then performed a 'synchronized' canopy opening during the taxi to the ramp.

Sun ' Fun T-28 Trojan Engine Fire

After performing its airshow routine at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In, Florida, this North American T-28 Trojan experienced what seemed to be an exhaust stack fire as it taxiied back to the ramp.

Goodyear Blimp Take-Off

A short movie showing the awesome Goodyear Blimp taking-off. Footage is shot both inside the cockpit and from the ground.

Landing The Goodyear Blimp

This fascinating video shows a 'pilot's eye view' of landing the huge Goodyear Blimp.

Space Shuttle Discovery Landing STS-131 20 April 2010 in HD

Space shuttle Discovery and seven astronauts ended a two-week journey of more than 6.2 million miles with a Tuesday morning landing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Returning to Earth aboard the orbiter were STS-131 Commander Alan Poindexter, Pilot Jim Dutton, and Mission Specialists Stephanie Wilson, Rick Mastracchio, Clay Anderson, Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger and Naoko Yamazaki of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The STS-131 mission to the International Space Station included three spacewalks, the installation of equipment outside the ISS, and the transfer of thousands of pounds of cargo and supplies from the orbiter's payload bay to various locations on the station.

The final clip is an infra-red shot of Discovery after landing. The Purge and Vent System valves are clearly shown operating. At the end of the mission, after the orbiter stops on the runway, vent doors 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9 are configured to their purge positions for ground cooling.

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