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OK, we’ll admit it – Comms Centre is just a rather grand name for our forum! Having said that, we like to think that it will become more than just a forum. For a start it will be home to the AV8 ‘Share-a-plane’ and ‘Mentoring’ schemes and will cover a wide range of aviation subjects from paramotors to jets.

As on all forums, we can’t control what people say (see disclaimer below!), so please be sensible with your posting. We don’t want to over-regulate the forum, so as Thumper the rabbit said in the Disney movie Bambi; “If you can’t say nuthin nice…don’t say nuthin at all!”

Please remember that children could be reading what you write, so keep that in mind when posting. If you do encounter anything which offends you, or you see any spam, please inform us and we will remove it at the earliest opportunity.

You will need to register again for the forum as it uses separate software from the main site, but once logged-in, you can use the 'Related Links' bar on the right to jump straight to the forum you want to visit.

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The AV8 Magazine forums are open to registered users of the site. We cannot, and will not, be held responsible for any offensive, obscene or libellous statements made by users. Statements posted are the views of the individual user and NOT those of AV8 Magazine or its owners. If you have any complaints about the forum, individual postings or a user, please contact us immediately and we will investigate the matter as soon as possible.

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